Team To Build

Team to Build.

We have to come to a way out. Abnormal behavior is not restrained on a singular level. Another approach has to become a team effort.  All parties involved, all individuals that are in the sphere of the person acting in an abnormal way must be working In unison to tackle the multitudes of issues that plague the subject.

team building

I certainly should choose a better title than “subject” since it denotes a clinical aspect that I find distasteful. In fact we should be using terms such as human, person, friend etc.  The goal is not to inflame the already tenuous state of affairs, when it comes to an unstable soul.

A person on the track of abnormality will gravitate to definitions of abnormality that will cement the behavior and delay any progress too a normal state.

We are discussing in this blog, behavioral problems not mental states that require psychological medication.  There are specific techniques that pertain to the solution of behavioral issues.

A team approach is key to progress.  Family, friends and counsel must at all times be on the same page.  The issues our friend is facing will be working against our best efforts.  The self-talk that the subject is faced with is relentless and long standing.  Every word of encouragement, all possible affirmations and guidance of self-direction must all be backed up with action.

Words are not enough; action new habits will be the mortar that we as a team will use to glue brick by brick the road to recovery.  This is plain and simply warfare on a very personal level.  Suggesting leads to direction…direction leads to action and action lead to new habits.  These habits will have to be reinforced over and over to erase the strong urge to play the patients personal selection of self talk.

So Remember, TEAM is our only realistic technique.  All other methods are one step forward three steps back.



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