Control Freak

Oh the ride the vicious ride we call life. Is it ours to control or ours to let go.  What would you the reader be inclined to do.  Let us break down the advantages of both of these possibilities.

Control:  It sounds so easy to say this would be the way to go.  The power the word imposes, instantly is met with approval form our minds.  Yes “control” it’s just a simple proposition of mind over matter.  The ability of the human form to overcome practically anything with grace.

The ego is quite the debater; it shall allow us to run down the thoughts that we find impressive with the greatest of ease. While helping us resist the first hint of any thought that might dissuade us from our all-important selves.

Letting Go: Face it my fellow humans, we are quite the scaredy’ cats when it means we have to let go of the little bit of power that we convinced our minds we own.  We would be lying if we haven’t run across the few souls that we have among us that actually have gotten it right.  That would be simply that this life is simply not about ourselves… it is about others.

We see this proposition so rarely that we seem to think it is the oddity of the two choices above.  So much time rolls by between our encounters with the individual that has let go and demands the higher power or their God, will them in the direction they should take.

I will in the next blog give you a complete and perfect example of an individual that has certainly let go….


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