Are we Taking Ourselves Way too Seriously

foodchainSo here we stand on our way into the new year.  It is slipping by at warp speed for me, and for others it might as well be a snail, oozing through the cement of New York City.

We suppose that we are going to be around to figure all that ails us, all that bothers us and all that is quite unexplained.  We as rational creatures must come to the conclusion that we are not wise nor evolved to come to the simplest of conclusions on the existence of our species.

Toward that end I venture to tackle topics far and wide, giving the reader example after example of the human’s mind ability to justify, stupefy and yes impress the heck out of all observers.

Not a day goes by that one of us on planet earth does not make the others on the planet to look/ see or hear in awe a creation by another soul.  We are amazed at each other.  But to state that we have evolved would be a farce.  So in conclusion, we are taking ourselves way to seriously.  Even if we are at the top of the food chain.

Even for the lowly brick mason that toils day and night to put food on the table is not so arrogant to think that he might not have enough work to put food on the table.  Yes he is at the top of the chain, simultaneously nothing is guaranteed in this life. Then again the king of the jungle has no problem sauntering about without a care in the world.  So who is really taking themselves too seriously.

Case in point my stepson, almost lost it because the word “ourselves” in the title was not capitalized.  I did that on purpose, just to make a point. Apparently it worked.


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