The Trip Fantastic

bikeThis blog will be the continuation of my most recent addition to this page “Control Freak.”  Let me paint the picture, I am sitting at on a metal bench in Birmingham or should I say Hoover Alabama.  We in the south glob cities together.  Anyway, my car had broken down and I am waiting patiently for a ride.

A commotion starts to ensue behind me, with a chorus of” He is a Jolly Good Fellow” being sung in jest but well-meaning all the same.  The curious part of my psyche had to know what was taking place here.  I politely tugged on the closest man’s blue shirt and waved him my way.  Would you mind if I asked what is taking place here? “Mam’ you are witnessing a one of kind occurrence.  One of our fellow coworkers here at our Hoover AC Repair shop is about to hop on that bike over there and take off.

I asked, where to and to what end.  Well that is where it gets interesting.  It seems that the young man taking up the bike had no clue where he was headed.  You see he is a veteran of Iraq war and felt called to raise awareness and money for the sufferers of PTSD.  He was going to let the Lord above give him the guidance on where to go.

So at every stop sign and intersection this man is giving up the reigns and letting the little inner voice take over the cluttered mind.  I must tell you, I can think of no better analogy of giving up control than to take off on a journey as this man has done.

I’ve gone out of my way and stopped back by the AC shop to get updates on the young man.  The stories they told were remarkable.  I will certainly get into one of them in the next post.